October 22, 2012

Voting Accessibility Questionnaire

The National Council on Disability, in collaboration with the National Disability Rights Network and EIN SOF Communications, Inc., wants to hear from you about your voting experiences during the 2012 General Election! 

Please complete this questionnaire and email it to or mail it to: NDRN, 900 Second Street, NE, Suite 211, Washington, DC 20002.  You can print this webpage or click on the attachment at the end of this post for a Word file of the questionnaire.

You can also complete the questionnaire online at

October 22, 2012

Guest blog post by Bob Rudney

  • Mitt Romney and his Republican cohorts are hatching a plan to cut Medicaid by 30% through a dubious block-granting proposal to the States.  Don’t be fooled – block-granting means deep cuts in Medicaid assistance to people with severe disabilities.
  • Mitt Romney and the Republicans vigorously oppose the Affordable Care Act (read Obamacare), but are purposely vague about what they propose to replace it.  . . .
October 21, 2012

Guest blog post by Kim Forde-Mazrui

The next President will likely appoint one or two justices to the Supreme Court.  A review of past Supreme Court cases interpreting civil rights laws predicts that a Romney Administration would appoint justices less favorable to current and prospective employees with disabilities than would an Obama Administration.

October 21, 2012

Virginia officials have launched a project to educate persons with disabilities and older residents about voting accessibility.  The project includes online videos that show voters how to register, apply for an absentee ballot or annual application, vote curbside or use assistance at the polls on Election Day.

Get more information, and watch the video, "Voting Accessibility Made Easy in Virginia," at

October 21, 2012


An editorial from the New York Times

The outcome of the presidential election will determine which of two opposing paths the nation will follow on health care for all Americans. If voters re-elect President Obama, he will protect the health care reforms that are his signature domestic achievement. If they elect Mitt Romney, they will be choosing a man who has pledged to repeal the reform law and replace it with — who knows what?

Read the full editorial at

October 18, 2012
Post by Becky Ogle: People with disabilities for Obama: The link below will take you to an impressive site showcasing our good friends in ADAPT protesting Romney-Ryan&nbsp